Believe it or Not!


The Cambridge Secular Society was formed in 2009 to provide a forum for like-minded freethinkers concerned that religion, far from being in terminal decline, was making a comeback. With the establishment still in the thrall of religion the reasons are easy to see, for the politicians it is the misguided idea that religion is good for us and our children, for others it is the cosy familiarity of Bishops smothering us all with pious words and incantations of God’s love whilst the BBC regularly provides a platform to speakers who believe that their faith gives them an insight into morality and ethics.

Religion flourishes where ignorance abounds and remains the cause of conflict and terrorism, in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and elsewhere. It is implicated in many scandals and atrocities including the sexual abuse of children and the execution of apostates yet still we are urged to accept its moral authority.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our democracy and it must be continuously defended. Religion must never be above criticism even if that inflames the passions of those who adhere to it. Most would agree that there are limits to free speech particularly when it is used to inflame racial hatred but religion should not be conflated with race, religion is a personal choice, race is not.

Our mission is to intensify the struggle against religious influence and privilege and to advance the prospects of a rational, humanist society. To this end we will work with all like-minded bodies that share our aims.

Please join the Cambridge Secular Society so that we can do our part in defending freedom and advancing reason. We support other like minded organisations and in particular the National Secular Society whose advice and support has been invaluable and who work tirelessly to challenge religious privilege in the UK and EU.