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Join the Cambridge Secular Society

The Cambridge Secular Society has two primary aims:

To offer a forum for ideas and comment.
To provide a platform to promote secularism

Visit our Facebook page and tell us your thoughts. To become a member of the society simply email us, no fee, no registration, that’s it!

In order to maximise participation membership of the society and its website will remain free. The costs to date have been met by Cookery Classics and, companies run by the society’s founder, Graham Davis and it is hoped that future running costs can be supported from the sale of atheist themed tee shirts and merchandise that will be available from Spreadshirt.

We want your support and participation

We want to harness the formidable academic and cultural resources of Cambridge in order to promote secularism and challenge religious privilege. However the members themselves will drive our agenda via the Facebook page, the blog on this site on using Twitter @AgendaForReform but also we hope by meeting regularly to discuss strategy and priorities.

So its up to you guys, join us and challenge superstition and support reason whether it be in your community, your workplace, your college even your home and join the political fight to disestablish the Church of England, to roll back faith schools, to fight faithism inherent in the BBC, in fact choose your own campaign and use the Cambridge Secular Society to make it happen!