You didn’t see this interview with Theresa May because it never happened!

Theresa May interview

Interviewer: Your stated aim is to get a great Brexit deal for Britain and yet you say no deal would be better than a bad deal. Just about every reputable economist says that no deal would be an economic disaster so why do you keep repeating it?

Theresa May: When we are negotiating with EU they must know that we are willing to walk away or we will not get the best deal.

Interviewer: But that’s ridiculous, the EU knows that you will never walk away with no deal and commit the UK to economic suicide so they discount that claim.

Theresa May: We can walk away and trade under WTO rules, that’s better than a bad deal.

Interviewer: That is not what the majority of experts think but you have never told us what a bad deal is.

Theresa May: A bad deal is one that does not respect the referendum result.

Interviewer: But the referendum question did not include terms only whether we stay or leave so there is no way of knowing what terms would satisfy the electorate.

Theresa May: They told us to leave the EU and that’s what we will do

Interviewer: So you can’t tell me what no deal or a bad deal actually mean! Let me put it to you that a bad deal would be one where the UK has to compromise and accept the four freedoms: the movement of goods, services, capital and persons in order to trade with the EU single market along with the authority of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to adjudicate trade disputes.

Theresa May: The people have spoken we will not accept freedom of movement, we must have control of immigration and cannot accept the right of the ECJ to supersede our own law.

Interviewer: Ok but you would agree that in any trade deal there must be an institution like the ECJ in order to adjudicate disputes.

Theresa May: The WTO has a dispute procedure using the Appellate Body.

Interviewer: That may be ok in bilateral disputes but the EU has 27 other member states that all accept the ECJ as final dispute arbiter, do you seriously think that they will accept a different arrangement just for the UK?

Theresa May: This will be part of the negotiating process.

Interviewer: Let’s move on; the Foreign Secretary has claimed the UK can have its cake and eat it, meaning that the Brexit deal will give us everything that we are asking for, including access to the single market. This is pure fantasy, you know as well as I do that the EU will not allow the UK to benefit from terms as good as those we currently enjoy. The myth that because Germany sells lots of BMW’s to us that we have the stronger hand is just that a myth.

Theresa May: This will be open to negotiation.

Interviewer: We’ll see. Your negotiator David Davis boasted recently he had a hundred pages of detailed notes in preparation for the talks, I thought this must be a mistake or even a joke as the EU have already prepared tens of thousands of pages, It is clear that the UK is catastrophically ill prepared for what will be the most difficult set of negotiations that this country has EVER faced.

Theresa May: No that isn’t correct civil servants are working on our detailed positions.

Interviewer: Let me change tack; you were a reamainer, now you are arguing for the most extreme form of brexit, how can anyone trust you? Your integrity is under question, you stated that an election would be a distraction, your have made numerous U-Turns even reversing a policy explicitly stated in your manifesto that there would be no cap on the dementia tax, this is not the policy of a strong and stable leader, it’s weak and wobbly.

Theresa May: There was no U-Turn on adult social care; we always expected to put it out to consultation.

Interviewer: Of course it was a U-Turn to say otherwise insults the intelligence of the electorate. You have avoided the leader’s debate, your rallies have been in front of tiny crowds and yet you have made this campaign all about you and your leadership. We can’t trust you; we can’t rely on you to provide leadership. We see a brexit team that are clearly not up to the job and as the negative effects of brexit become more and more apparent and lies of the leave campaign have been exposed, those who promoted it, with the exception of UKIP have become ominously silent.

Mrs. May deep down you know brexit is a mistake, so don’t let the narrow majority that voted for it drive you to compound the mistake. Stand up and acknowledge that the result was due to lies from the leave campaign plus the relentless anti EU rhetoric from much of the press that has so unfairly denigrated the EU for the last 40 years.

If you win the General Election, as seems likely, think again, be brave, be the leader who saves this country from a catastrophe, ignore the siren calls from the old men in your own party who have banged the anti EU drum for a generation, think of the young who by a large margin support the ideals of the EU. Use this opportunity to persuade the EU to undertake the reforms that will improve it. In this dangerous world we need it more than ever.

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